A Sober Birthday

It’s not something I was used to anymore after spending the past how many birthdays waking up hungover. But this one had to be a sober one, at 14 weeks pregnant and bad sickness and a belly that was starting to protrude slowly to remind me I didn’t have much of a choice.

We went to London for a couple of days. We spent the first night just relaxing, going to a pub across the street from the hotel for dinner and then going back to the hotel to relax. The next day, after the sickness, we made our way to harry potter studios. This was nowhere near our hotel so we had to leave quite early. We eventually got there and met up with my partners best friend and his girlfriend, it was her birthday the next day and she was a harry potter fan as well so it made sense. As it was my birthday I was allowed to open the castle doors. It is definitely worth a visit for any potter head!

After leaving (and purchasing a t-shirt and wands) we made our way to the theatre to watch Les Miserables! Now, I love the film, but let me tell you the show is amazing! We were both more than impressed by the show!

The next day arrived and that meant a dreaded train ride home. If you’re suffering from morning sickness do yourself a favour and skip the train, you wont regret not going on it. I also learnt that the omega-3 capsules that came with my vitamins were making my sickness worse so I stopped taking them that day too!

Not the most wild birthday but definitely one of my best and I’ll be able to remember this one!


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